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How to Know if Your Disinfectant Kills Corona Viruses?

November 4, 2020

How to Know if Your Disinfectant Kills Corona Viruses?

Make sure your disinfectant kills Corona viruses, or even viruses in general, and that it lasts longer than a day! Step 1 is to read the bottle as there are many details listed in the fine print.


Its right on the bottle! The fine print will tell you that most "disinfectants" will not kill viruses, and specifically coronavirus. All you have to do is check the bottle. We cannot afford, in these times, to not be using the proper disinfectants. To really disinfect, your service provider needs to use the proper disinfectant and the proper application method.

Question 1:

Is the proper disinfectant designed to kill germs, bacteria, AND VIRUSES?


Most disinfectants kill primarily germs and bacteria. Check the label to see if it kills virus, including coronavirus.

Question 2:

How long does the disinfectant last and does it allow multiple touches?


Almost all disinfectants are effective for a single touch. That means when someone touches the light switch or door handle... you are no longer disinfected. Make sure your disinfectant can last up to 90 days and survive multiple touches.

Question 3:

Disinfectants are only effective when they are applied properly.What method of application is performed?


If you are using the proper disinfectant, but not applying it properly...then it is completely ineffective. It is impossible to wipe every square inch of an office or work area. Under tables, under desks, every chair, every time.People try their best, but cannot outperform technology designed to apply disinfectant 360 degrees around all surfaces. Foggers create a mess and use gravity to apply a chemical. Nothing makes it stick. Thanks to elecrtostatic sprayers, we have a solution. The machine can quickly magnetize the disinfectant and distribute it 360 degrees around all surfaces.

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